Top 5 Valentines Day 2017 Ideas

Firstly, where did Valentines Day come from?  Just that word fill’s some people with horror (shall we call these – the less romantic?)

Well there are lots of differing facts one links it with the 14th Century when it got its name for “romantic love” from Geoffrey Chaucer’s poetry. 

There is also a connection to a Roman festival which celebrated fertility! 

Lastly there is an account of a “Saint Valentine of Rome”, who performed weddings for those whom marriage was forbidden.  His fate was execution and he wrote a farewell letter to the daughter of his jailer ending it with the words “Your Valentine”. 

Fast forward to 18th century England it had evolved to lovers expressing their love for each other with flowers, sweets or sending a card.  In Europe keys were given to lovers “as a very romantic symbol to unlock the givers heart”.  Sadly, in the 19th century beautiful handwritten valentines have given way to commercial mass produced greeting cards.

So this leads me nicely to my Top 5 Valentines Ideas – I don’t think Valentines Day should be about how much you spend, but if my husband writes me a letter and maybe buys me a single rose (hint) I’ll be a very happy girl!

  1. Write your very own letter (handwritten) declaring your love. Sorry this does take a little thought and work, but isn’t your true love worth it!  If you need any help, then do use good old Google.
  2. Make a handmade card for your valentines, be creative and write a poem…. Or you could buy a lock and key and give your valentine the key placed in the card to symbolise that only they can unlock your heart!
  3. Handpicked flowers – there aren’t that many wild flowers in February, I know!  Just Snowdrops or Iris I’m afraid! However, if you can afford Roses do buy these – they are the epitome of Valentines Day!
  4. Take a romantic walk, hand in hand in your favourite place. Note; so if you are working (as Valentines falls on a Tuesday) it might be dark, may I suggest either buy or take a torch with you.  If it is raining (British Weather!) then a lovely umbrella big enough for two– remember to wrap up warm!  Alternatively, if your favourite place happens to be abroad and you can afford it, then why not jet your valentine away!
  5. A romantic homemade meal for two at home (use Google for meal suggestions or cook their favourite), a few candles, nice bottle of bubbles, and then either share a lovely bubble bath or snuggle together watching a favourite film. 

If you are a very lucky valentine maybe your loved one will do all of the above – what an amazing Valentines Day that will be!

Louise & Team x

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