Dan & Lauren Wedding Celebration Clitheroe outdoor wedding

Dan & Lauren – Wedding Celebration

Busy weekend for the Ceremony Company- Associate Heather saw the very lovely Dan & Lauren celebrate their marriage with a personal ceremony at The Outbarn, Clitheroe. They incorporated a reading which the couple read together called “I’ll be there”. All their loving friends & family joined them to enjoy, a beautiful day for a beautiful couple 💕
Wishing you a long & happy adventure as a married couple.

Michael & Hanna Wedding Celebration Ceremony

Michael & Hanna – Wedding Celebration

Friday”s Wedding was a wonderful celebration of Michael & Hanna’s Marriage and big family with the brides two sons giving her away and her beautiful daughter as bridesmaid along with grooms beautiful daughter as bridesmaid. Family and Love being at the heart of the Ceremony. I’ve never seen so many happy tears 💕 the venue and staff were fantastic. The acoustic guitarist Steve & singer Kirsty were awesome – I got my own personal serenade as they practiced.
Wishing Mr & Mrs Mooney & your big happy family – health & happiness always.


Q & A with Dianne

Dianne what do you love about your work?

Having spent years at the beginning of the exciting journey to marriage by helping brides choose their perfect dresses.  I realised I wanted to be  more involved in that journey, which is why I decided to become a wedding celebrant and I now have the greatest pleasure of helping a couple plan and execute a ceremony which is the start to a perfect day  which the couple will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives.

I really love meeting couples who are already married but who have decided they would like to strenthen their commitment to each other by renewing their vows.  It is heartening to listen to their individual stories of marriage, with all of life’s ups and downs and to help them create a ceremony that will tell all their family and friends their love story and to let everyone know just how much they love each other and reinforce their commitment to spending the rest of their lives together.

What is your Favourite wedding:

I don’t think I can select any one ceremony as they are all very special in their own way, although perhaps the most unusual ceremony seems to be the most memorable as one where I didn’t meet the couple until the day before the wedding as they lived abroad and we had been communicating via Skype,  so it was a complete surprise to find that the bride was very heavily pregnant with twins!  I carried out most of the ceremony hoping I wouldn’t have to ask if there was a doctor in the house!

What is your most loved wedding Reading:

I always suggest the couple have a reading but they aren’t necessary.  If they opt to include a reading then I think the best readings are the ones written by their family or friends as these are often so much more personal and some can be very amusing!

What Music do you love for a couples exit?

I think that every couple has that one piece of music that is “their song” so I always  encourage them to choose a song or piece of music which has a special meaning for them – but if not; then I really love “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” by the wonderful Stevie Wonder.  This song always gets everyone singing along as the couple walk down the aisle together.

What is the best thing about what you do?

What could be better than meeting a couple at the start of a magical journey and helping them create a ceremony which is personal to just the two of them and then having the privilege of sharing their day with them and all their family and friends and presenting them to everyone as a married couple!