Q & A with Louise

After asking the lovely Heather and Cate to do a Q & A I was asked why hadn’t I done a Q & A.

So here goes. Getting to know me (Louise) Founder of The Ceremony Company…

What do you love about your work?

I absolutely love EVERY aspect of what I do, from the initial contact,  meeting or speaking to nervous couples either in person or via video call getting to know and understand them as a couple.  Then seeing this develop into a great personal wedding blessing, celebration, vow renewal or baby naming and the fun of performing their ceremony in a carefully chosen place, be it outdoors, garden, home or any one of the stunning hotels and venues across Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester, North Wales, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Lake District, Cumbria. I really am very lucky in what I do.

What is your favourite wedding?

I can just about narrow this down to 3, but this does not reflect how special each couple has been and how I enjoyed getting to know each of them – but I absolutely love creating a wedding for just two people – I’ve been lucky performing intimate ceremonies for just the couples only overlooking the fabulous lakes in the Lake District – this is my favourite type of ceremony.   A close second is when I was asked to perform a wedding blessing in the middle of a woodland it was just so beautiful … the hush of the forest and the bride making her entrance through the trees was just so magical. I literally get goosebumps now thinking about it.  There is a venue in Rivington, every time I am asked to perform a ceremony there my heart sings, from the staff to the setting and venue itself whether it is dressed or plain they have twinkly lights covering the beams and it is always just so beautiful.  

What is your most loved wedding reading?

I have to say that it is a close call between two, I love Bob Marley ….”He’s not perfect…”  because it reminds us that NOBODY is perfect but if they make you smile and laugh and your heart gives a little start every time you see them  and you have that same outlook and goals in life,  I think this is it… the secret to a lasting relationship!  I also love Corinthians 13 ……  “Love is Patient, Love is Kind …..” because a wedding is about love.

What music do you love for the couples exit?  

I absolutely love any music that the couple love, you can always tell and I always encourage couples to really think about this music choice. When you look at their faces when they hear the intro to their favourite track, whether they are lucky enough to hear  it by a live band or recording,  it is one of the best things to witness. I stand smiling as they literally dance themselves back down the aisle. 

What is the best thing about what you do?

I hope that you can tell, I really do love everything about what I do, meeting awesome couples and families, listening to their stories, hopes and dreams for their special day, but the best moment is the entrance. Walking down the aisle, that first look at each other … that is one of THE most special things to witness. I wish I could bottle the happiness in that moment and send it to everyone in the world!  Also I do have to mention the photo I chose, you can see, we get to do some really awesome things ….. this bird of prey flew the couples wedding rings inside a castle in Cheshire!

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