Q & A with Cate

Cate what do you love about your work?

Everything!  What is there possibly not to like? From meeting fantastic, often nervous & expectant couples to creating a day that is about their love for each other to finally seeing them together for a day that they will treasure in their hearts & minds forever! 

What is your favourite wedding?

This is difficult as all my couples are amazing and each of the ceremonies so unique. But if I have to choose one, it would be one for the amazing setting, which  was a couple who had their Ceremony in woodlands at ‘Scarisbrick Hall’. It was like a scene I can only describe as from Robin Hood! This couple were so in love and the whole day was just so magical. 

I also loved a vow renewal at Anfield stadium. Again a totally unique experience and the whole family had an amazingly strong bond. The couple loved each other so much – it was so obvious for everyone to see and I am sure it matched the love they had  for each other all those years ago when they first tied the knot. 

What is your the one wedding reading you like to hear?

I love the readings which have been composed by the couples family and friends. They are just amazing to listen to,  always from the heart. 

What music do you love for the couples exit?

Anything that really indicates the start of celebrations! I love seeing couples almost dance their way out of a room blissfully happy to start their next chapter! 

What is the best thing about what you do?  

I feel privileged to be the person who helps the couple create everlasting memories, seeing tears of joy and being part of something so special is really a wonderful experience.  I love what I do. 

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