Do you live abroad and want your Marriage or Wedding here in the UK?

If you want a Wedding Ceremony here in the UK, you can!  By using an independent celebrant who can create a wonderful personal celebration ceremony just for you.  Lots of our couples live abroad, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Korea, California, Canada, Switzerland, France and Dubai to name a few places…..

If you have done your research you will have found that the Laws have changed for Marriage in the UK whether you are both UK citizens or one is and the other is from a non EU Country (although I am sure this will be changing in the coming year as we exit the EU).  At the moment you both have to be resident here in the UK for at least a month to undertake the legal preliminaries required to have a legal marriage and many working couples living abroad cannot have this length of leave from their work.

Please don’t worry The Ceremony Company is here to help, we can create a traditional style ceremony for you to celebrate here in the UK with all your family and friends.  You can include all that is important to you within your ceremony.  You can even save your wedding rings for your Blessing or Celebration Ceremony.

We can arrange a convenient time and date to Skype, FaceTime or use Google Hangouts so that we can speak face to face. We do get up early in the morning or stay up late to talk to couples, we are flexible and we don’t work 9-5.  We can chat about all your ideas for your special day.  We take the time to get to know you both, creating a perfect ceremony and perform it at your chosen venue anywhere in the UK.

Please contact us to discuss.

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