About Independent Celebrant/Wedding Celebrant/Civil Celebrant

I decided to share a little information about Independent or Civil Celebrants and why we are growing within the Wedding and Celebration Industry. 

Having made the leap from being a Registrar performing and recording legal marriages and civil partnerships which adhere to strict regulations to becoming fully independent civil celebrants who meet couples and families and are free to create a much more personal celebration ceremony was an easy step for myself, Cate and Heather.  We all share something in common – we absolutely love meeting people, listening to what they want for their ceremonies and we are all creative, confident public speakers.

Why is using an independent celebrant or humanist becoming more popular?

It’s becoming more important than ever for couples and families to have a say in what is said, read and listened to within their ceremony.  What is important to you is important to us.  Our ceremonies allow you as a couple or family to have a much more personal and relaxed celebration which can include all the wording, music and readings which you have always dreamed of.  You can also include and create something much more unique and memorable for you and your guests.  Meeting and getting to know who will be performing your ceremony is key, forming a relationship with your celebrant helps with any nerves. 

Something which I know you some of you might not have thought about, but some of you have…. What will our celebrant wear?  I can reassure you that myself, Cate & Heather love to dress well for your occasion and take great pride in our appearance.

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