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Can’t get a Registrar from the Registration Service on the date or at the time you wanted?

Don’t Panic!!  Please contact us and we can pencil you in on your chosen date and time for your wedding ceremony.  We know how important timings are for your special day, we are more than happy to keep your date until we are able to meet you in person or via video call.  We believe it is important that you share your ideas and meet your celebrant.

Your parents are insisting that you have a legal marriage/civil partnership on your wedding day?

Don’t Worry!! Remember this is yours and your partner’s special day.  Using an independent celebrant allows you to have control over what is said, you have the ceremony at the time and on the date you choose.  You meet your celebrant and know that they are not going to rush off to another ceremony or turn up in a cardigan or jumper!  You can have a rehearsal and most importantly the ceremony is personal to you both.  It is relaxed – not rigid, it is not bound by regulations – you can have any music, readings and content.  You can say vows and promises, exchange your wedding rings (Did you know that you don’t legally have to exchange wedding rings at a legal marriage?) Most couples save their wedding rings for their celebration/blessing ceremony.  You can sign a commemorative certificate with chosen guests for a wonderful photo opportunity. You can have a drink of Prosecco (One groom had a pint of Guinness) or water to have throughout your ceremony – to help calm nerves or to stop dry mouth! 

Will having a legal marriage or civil partnership before our blessing/celebration spoil our wedding day?

No… all couples choosing to have a ceremony using an independent celebrant have a legal marriage with two witnesses (over 18 years old – requirement).  We encourage our couples to allow parents to attend this.  Your legal marriage is intimate, which can be followed by a lunch afterwards.  The legal marriage takes 5 minutes once the paperwork has been dealt with.  Our couples feel that they have two very special days, one just for them and one real celebration which is relaxed with all their family and friends. 

At the end of the day, we want you to have the day you have dreamed of, we always give 100%.  What matters to you both, matters to us too.

Please contact us to discuss your personal wedding blessing, handfasting or wedding celebration ceremony.

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