Alternative Wedding Ideas


The Truth and the Myths

Have you ever wondered where the term “tying the knot” comes from? Or watched the film Braveheart when Mel Gibson’s character is tied to his beloved in a woodland with a strip of tartan?

Handfasting ceremonies are increasing in popularity.  I think couples are choosing to include this ritual to make their ceremony much more personal and inclusive of family and friends. 

I have had great pleasure in creating my very own style of handfasting, one which is used by both Heather and Cate, my two fantastic Associates.  We have not aligned ourselves to any one religion but we are open and support our couples’ beliefs and ideas.  Although we don’t perform Pagan Ceremonies we are very happy to incorporate any rituals couples would like, as we would never wish to exclude any one.

In ancient times couples were tied together to symbolise their commitment or marriage, for a much longer period than we adhere to today. Can you imagine being tied to your partner for 24 hours?

Following a short legal marriage, a couple can choose to have their personal handfasting wedding ceremony anywhere at all.  After an introduction and welcoming, an explanation is given to all guests about what to expect.  This keeps all guests relaxed and ensures their attention.  The couple can exchange their wedding rings and then the celebrant will ask specially chosen or all of their invited guests to bring a ribbon forward and place them over their joined hands, each can represent a meaning or blessing.  Once all the ribbons have been placed over the wrists, one guest is chosen to make the binding (tie the ribbons together in a knot around the couples’ hands). 

Don’t worry! The ribbons are removed after the ceremony is brought to a close so that the happy couple can enjoy the rest of their special day.  The coloured ribbons, however, remain tied forever as a beautiful keepsake which can be displayed as a reminder within their home.

If you would like more information about handfasting or any other alternative wedding ideas, please do get in touch.

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