2016 Top Five Readings for Wedding Ceremonies

I wondered what my first blog should be about, so when I sat down and thought what is it that I get asked about most or for guidance with by couples ….. it didn’t take long ….. readings…

What to include, not include, should it be religious, emotional, funny or romantic? These are all questions couples ask. Finding the right reading for your ceremony is so important. 

These are the top five readings which have been included by couples within 2016 Wedding Ceremonies.

Number One – The Lovely Other Dinosaur

This is by far the most popular and I love it.  It is a children’s book but the meaning within is utterly lovely and funny.  Many couples have chosen to update the original story to include content which relates directly to them (which resonates with them and their family and friends). It is one that when asked I always recommend.

Number Two – Corinthians 13

Although this is a religious reading about Love, I believe that the sentiment within still stands today.  It is a powerful reading which has been included in Marriages for years.  Although this reading is not allowed to be used within a Legal Marriage by a Local Authority Registrar,  an independent celebrant can include it within their semi religious ceremony. The couple can have any reading they choose.  I have to say I do love this reading.

Number Three – The Mayonnaise Jar and the Wine/Beer

I don’t think that I will ever tire of this reading, I love the meaning of the golf balls/ping pong balls, the pebbles the sand and the wine/beer.  It is important for a couple to remember that there is always time to spend with friends sharing a beer or glass of wine or two!

Number Four – I like you

This reading is adorable and has increased in popularity over time.  It is both appropriate for a wedding and fun with the added sentiment.  It always makes me smile

Number Five – He Never Leaves the Seat Up

This always gets guests smiling as it is a very entertaining poem.  If the couple are young they will laugh along with guests at the

There are lots of readings that didn’t make my top five which are fantastic and if they are chosen by the couple or the reader for the couple any reading is wonderful.  It brings personality to a ceremony and if read correctly can bring a sense of emotion or fun to any ceremony. 

The one that almost made the list “Marriage is Like Owning a Dog”  a favourite of The Ceremony Company celebrants as we are dog lovers!

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